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Atlanta based visual artist George Lenoir continually works to enhance the style of artwork he produces. George Lenoir is a modern urban artist whom primarily works within the figurative genre. His newer works are designed to provoke thought while reflecting on today's society.

The majority of his artwork is in 2D form consisting of 24"x 36" and 36"x 48" paintings on canvas, graphic design to book illustrations. He also produces silk screened tshirts along with beaded jewelry.

His studio is operated outside of Atlanta in the Conyers area. His change in environment has allowed his artwork to blossom. Over the last couple of years he's taken time to sketch and focus more on a new defined style which has increase the impact of his work.

"I want myself to be reflected in my paintings. Moreso the progression I've made in my personal life. I try to be a more thoughtful and caring person. The things I reflect on are in my paintings - the life I've lived, love, war, failing, overcoming, society, peace, blessings and God... I'm nothing without Him." - George Lenoir

George Lenoir owns 3 promising brands. Lenoir Designs with is the parent company for fine art and graphic design. WetPaintATL is the organization that host public artshows. Then there is Liquor With Lenoir which is a tool designed to redefine his palette and review new/non-mainstream alcohol brands while he interviews guests.

George Lenoir


LenoirDesigns, LLC was officially established in 2000 and is your source for modern urban fine art, illustrations and graphic design. Artist George Lenoir provides a wide array of unique collections. Artwork ranges from abstract, figurative, still life, graffiti, decorative, illustrations and graphic design. George Lenoir exhibits only investment quality artwork in original canvas paintings along with open and limited edition reproductions. "There's nothing like a Lenoir Design..."

Give Me A Beat
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WETPAINTATL was officially established in 2013 and is the brain child of artist, George Lenoir, of Lenoir Designs, LLC. His goal has been to provide an alternative avenue for artists to exhibit artwork. WetPaintATL has served the purpose of enhancing the visibility of all artists, regardless of ethnic background and artistic resume. The organization seeks unique, talented artists for their annual art events. The organization looks to be a creative platform by introducing artisits to the novice and avid art collector. Patrons are able to admire bodypainting listen to music, mingle and socialize, while they observe the many forms of art. Patrons can puchase various custom designs along the lines of fine art, graffiti writing, tattooing or jewelry making, etc.

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Visual artist and amateur liquor connoisseur George Lenoir discusses new and non-mainstream alcohol/liquor brands. He taste test each brand prior to offering his honest unbiased opinion(s). Each beverage gets a 3 round test (a shot, on the rocks, and a mixed beverage!)
He meets with guests (artists and influencers) to discuss the flavor the beverages flavor profile, if the brand is worth buying and/or adding to your personal collection.

Revanche Cognac Review

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